– Your Business Card On The WWW – Your Business Card On The WWW

As the title of the review puts it, this new service will empower you to have a sort of web-based business card that can be seen and printed by everybody. This “mini business card profile” (to use the expression employed on the site) can be created without being technically knowledgeable, that is, you can create it without knowing anything about programming at all. The finished card is also hosted free of charge.

In order to get going all you need to do is to add your personal details alongside the online profiles that you wish to have represented on this social hub. As it is only appropriate, you can also tweak the layout a little and have your pick from a generous number of designs.

While the service is free to begin with, a paid version is available for those who want to have ad-free cards as well as a bigger selection of themes to go with. As I always say in these cases, give the free incarnation a spin and see where it does stand for you, and if it motivates you to go further.

Check demo:

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